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The Pulley

Added Tuesday, August 4, 2009
In 1730 Benjamin Franklin established his own printing house in Philadelphia. A young man at the time, the only space he could afford at the time was on the third floor of the Gerard Lloyd building in downtown Philadelphia. Ben had a printing press delivered but unfortunately it turned out the stairwell was too narrow for the machine to be carried up. A disheartened Franklin had the printing press loaded back onto the delivery truck to be taken away. But just as the horses began their trot and Ben watched the wheels turn on the carriage, he had a thought, like a bolt of lightning hitting a kite; Ben ordered the carriage to stop as he devised a rudimentary rope-pulley system to lift the printing press up to the third floor. Afterward, Ben shared his design with his fellow patriots and the technology was applied to all manner of contraptions, from ship sails to theater curtains.
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ms.headd, 5 years ago
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OreoBear, 5 years ago
is this true? cuz i heard that it was invented when they were building the great pyramids of Egypt.
OreoBear, 5 years ago
is this true? cuz i heard that it was invented when they were building the great pyramids of Egypt.
Rawr, 5 years ago
i heard that Acrhameades invented it along with the Lever.
lacey neal, 5 years ago
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The inventor of the compound pulley was Archimedes. He lived from about 287 BC until 212 BC. He was a Greek physicist, inventor, astronomer. People consider him the best mathematician who has ever lived.
courtney jackson, 3 years ago
This is wrong it was Archimedes
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Brian Powers, 3 years ago
You need to check your sources. Archimedes just invented the "partial pulley" but Ben perfected it.
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Oh my god. People these days. The compound pulley was invented by Archimedes in ancient Greece.
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Archimedes didnt invent the lever he gave a description of the lever explaining what it does.
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